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BSG Taliesin
Our Stallion

At Big Sky Gypsy we are very proud to present "BSG Taliesin" our homozygous herd sire. In our quest for the ultimate Gypsy Vanner we believe that we have found a young stallion that will meet our expectations and make positive contributions to the gene pool here in the United States.

Taliesin (pronounced Tully-es-sin) is HOMOZYGOUS for the Tobiano (pinto) coat pattern and also HOMOZYGOUS for black. This means that this young stallion cannot sire chestnut or sorrel foals. Taliesin is the ultimate stallion for producing superb Gypsy Vanners and colored Drum Horse foals from feathered draft mares.
He has size, feather, and athletic ability combined with bloodlines unrelated to most Gypsy stock here in America at this time.

BSG Taliesin
Handled By Our 11 Year Old Daughter
We are now accepting bookings for Taliesin's 2006 breeding season. Don't miss your chance for a foal out of this outstanding stallion! Early season discounts apply!

Tali Under Saddle

Tali stands 15.1 hands tall at just 4 years old, and is obviously not done growing up or out! He has outstanding conformation and correct bone structure. We even had Tali's feet and legs x-rayed and to ensure that he has sound structure.

Tali is athletic and powerful with tremendous mane and feather like his father. Best of all he has the wonderful sweet disposition that is the hallmark of the Gypsy Vanner.

Tali has been approved for registry in the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, and the Gypsy Cob Society of America. He was also registered with the Irish Cob Society while in Germany.

Tali has the extraordinary disposition that is the hallmark of the Gypsy Vanner. He loves people and is always the gentleman, even in the breeding shed. His sweet, easy-going personality makes him a pleasure to be around.

Jackie and Tali Waiting Patiently

Taliesin will be standing at stud to a limited book of mares for 2006. With his exceptionally successful first season using shipped semen we anticipate his book filling quickly. Don't miss out on this guy!
Taliesin will be the cornerstone of our breeding program and part of the beginning of a new bloodline in the US Gypsy horse gene pool. At this time he has a very limited number of siblings on US soil. (see photos at bottom of the page)

Taliesin comes from phenomenal ICS inspected stock with the one and only Bishop as his sire. The Bishop was bred in County Cork, Ireland, then after a brief stay in Scotland he was purchased and relocated to Germany to live with his private herd of Gypsy mares.

Tali's Perfect Head

Tali's Awesome Movement

Tali was started under saddle this summer and he has proved to be a very quick learner. Tali was receptive to his training and is soft and supple in the bridle.

Tali has three wonderful gaits. He reaches well under himself and pushes off well from the haunch. At the same time he is free in the shoulder and has a long forward stride.

Best of all Tali is very comfortable to ride. His lope is like sitting in a rocking chair!!

For more photos of Tali under saddle click here.

~~ More Photos ~~

Tali's Front View

Tali's Rear View

A Muddy Tali in Germany

Close Up of Tali's Feather

~~Taliesin's Parents~~

Taliesin's sire The Bishop
Photo Courtesy of Magic Horse Ranch

Taliesin's Dam Tilly
Photo Courtesy of Magic Horse Ranch
~~Taliesin's sisters~~

Ganieda (In Wyoming)
Photo courtesy of Bear River Gypsies

Rhiannon (Now on the US)
Photo courtesy of Black Forest Gypsy Horses


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