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Our Mares
We have painstakingly selected our small band of Gypsy Vanner and Draft broodmares from breeding programs that have focused on producing superior horses with extraordinary dispositions. Each mare is an excellent example of her breed, possessing the conformation, muscle mass, heavy bone and hair typical of her breed. Our Gypsy Vanner mares come from the finest Gypsy breeders in England, and carry some of the best Gypsy blood in their pedigrees. 
These mares are all confirmed in foal to Taliesin for 2006 foals. Some of these babies will be offered for sale. If you are interested please get in touch. These will be the first foals from the Bishop lineage born here in the US and they will not last long!
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Big Sky Peg
Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare

Big Sky Penny
Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare

For Sale

Big Sky Aisling
Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare

Big Sky Snow
Premium Drum Horse Filly

Wanda-Mere Miss Lilly
Registered Shire Mare

Alpine Liz
Registered Clydesdale Mare

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