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I decided that we should have a page for fun photos of our horses, family and friends. These are candid shots taken around the farm and our neighborhood. Click on the photo to go to a new page of related photos. Enjoy!

Our Kids!

New albums are created all the time. Be sure to check back often!!

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Haying The Old Fashioned Way

Drum filly Snow gets a trim
Drums Get A Trim

Home Sweet Home
Snow, Daughter Jackie, Orion, and Sapphire
Spring Time, Kids and Colts!

Paddy and Mark
Two Dirty Boys
Gypsy Vanners Sapphire and Peggy and Jackie too
A Snowy December Day

Gypsy Vanner Sisters Peggy and Penny
Lazy Fall Days
Newborn Drum filly Snow
Baby Pictures!!
Drum colt Orion
Babies Getting Bigger

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