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We raise and sell a small number of quality Gypsy Vanner and Drum Horse foals each year. From time to time we also have mature horses for sale. Our horses are members of our family and are offered for sale to approved homes only. Follow the links below or scroll down through the page to see our sale horses.

2006 Foals 2004 Yearlings Mature Horses
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Note To Buyers: With the growing popularity of the Gypsy Vanner there has been an increase in "dealers" or "brokers" who are buying and selling these horses. Unfortunately, the dealers are only interested in making money with the horses, they do not have the breed's best interests at heart. They are moving large numbers of horses, but not always the best horses. Please do your research when you are considering a purchase. Be very cautious if the seller can't, or won't, divulge the name of the breeder or the farm where the horse was bred. The seller should be able to produce a full pedigree for your horse and photos of the dam and sire, and possibly photos of siblings as well. The Gypsies are fiercely proud of their horses and their breeding programs. They know their horses intimately and probably know their competitor's horses as well! They will be able to provide detailed pedigrees and valuable information about the bloodlines. Be sure to ask lots of questions. Visit the various registry web sites. Ask questions. Make an educated purchase, not a regrettable one.
2006 Foals...
Drum Horse Foals:
We are expecting two Drum Horse foals next spring. Both are sired by Taliesin our 15.1 hh homozygous Gypsy stallion. These babies are out of our two exceptional draft mares pictured below. They will be big, athletic and colored. These foals will be eligible for premium registry in the GCDHA. For more information click on the photo of each mare to go to her personal page.

Alpine Liz
17.2 hh Registered Clydesdale
Due April 12, 2006

Wandamere Miss Lilly
17.3 hh Registered Shire
Due June 18th, 2006

Gypsy Vanner Foals:
We are expecting two purebred Gypsy Vanner foals in the spring. All are sired by Taliesin our 15.1 hand homozygous stallion. Our mares vary in size, but all have phenomenal Gypsy type. They possess some of the best bloodlines present here in the US. For more information please click on each mare's photo to go to her personal page.

Big Sky Peggy
14.3 hh Gypsy Vanner
Due March 30, 2006

Big Sky Aisling
15 hh Gypsy Vanner
Due April 13, 2006
2004 Yearlings...


BSG Skye

Galway Warrior

Big Sky Orion

15.1 hh Black & White Drum Horse Yearling Colt
Born: July 13, 2004
Dam: BSG Skye (16.0 hand Clydesdale)
Sire: Galway Warrior (17.0 hand Drum)

Price Reduced!! $9,000

Orion is a wonderful example of the Drum Horse breed. Already 15.1 hands tall at a year of age!! He is athletic, balanced, and colorful. Orion has three elastic gaits, and he is a natural jumper! He has a wonderful personality and a willingness to please. Orion will get you noticed!!


Big Sky Belle


Big Sky Lager

Black Drum Horse Colt
Born: May 19, 2004
Dam: BSG Belle (16.3 hand Clydesdale)
Sire: Slainte (15.0 hand Gypsy)
2005 GVHS Supreme Grand Champion Vanner

Price: $6000

Lager is a well muscled, balanced athlete. He has the power of his father, and the scope of his mother. Already 15.0 hands tall at a year of age!! He will excel in any discipline.

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Mature Horses...
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BSG Penny
13.3 Registered Gypsy Vanner Mare
Born: 2002
Dam: Foundation Mare
Sire: The Lion King

Price: $19,000

Penny is a rare smaller Vanner mare, standing 13.3 hands at 3 years of age. She has tons of hair and perfect conformation. She sells with a 2006 breeding to our homozygous stallion Taliesin.

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Horses For Import...

Gypsy Cobs UK
Loretta Rawlings

Loretta has access to some of the finest Gypsy Horses available in the UK. She is extremely knowledgeable about the breeders and their stock. Her website is full of Gypsy Horse information. Be sure to visit her sale page often to see what new horses she has found! If you have something special in mind, she can find it!!

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We love our horses and you will too!!!

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