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Big Sky Sapphire
2004 Homozygous Gypsy Vanner Filly
Congratulations to Cal and Deborah from Romani Mountain Ranch in St. Ignatius, Montana, on their purchase of this wonderful filly!!! Sapphire will be joining Thor, the stunning colt by Sarsti Gri and Jasmine to begin Montana's third Gypsy Vanner herd. We are thrilled that Sapphire is going to such a wonderful home! Watch for her in the future under her new name Big Sky Neylei which means goddess of the sky.

Big Sky Sapphire (Now Neylei)

At 9 Months
Sapphire is our first fullblood Gypsy Vanner foal born in Montana. She was born July 26, 2004. This filly has an amazing pedigree! One that you won't find duplicated here in the United States. She has two of the most outstanding Gypsy stallions as her grand-sires. Her sire is Billy the Kid a tremendous son of His Majesty the King. His Majesty the King was a phenomenal stallion with amazing muscle and feather owned by Grace Ranch. Sapphire's dam is our good mare Peggy, a Lion King daughter. Peggy was pregnant when she was imported from England.

Sapphire has the makings to be a truly exceptional example of the Gypsy Vanner breed. She is very short coupled and muscular with a lovely set to her neck. She has been tested and confirmed homozygous for the Tobiano pattern. She has beautiful black and white markings and one dark eye and one bright blue eye. She has super movement and a real personality. When she was born she delighted in pestering the older, bigger Drum Horse foals, then running back to her mother for protection! She is quite the character!

Billy the Kid (2 yrs)
Sire of Sapphire

BSG Peggy
Dam of Sapphire
More Photos of Sapphire...
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Sapphire Hanging Out With The Drum Foals
(And Mark)

Sapphire Trying To Sneak In For A Pat

Sapphire at 2 Months

Sapphire at 2 Months

Sapphire at 2 Months

Sapphire at 2 Months

Sapphire at 2 Weeks

Sapphire at 1 Hour

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