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Semi-Retirement Sale!!

Sadly the time has come for us to step into semi-retirement. We have enjoyed being involved with the introduction of the Gypsy Horse and the Drum Horse in the US, but the time has come to slow down a bit and take time to smell the roses. We will be scaling down our breeding operation and most of our horses are now offered for sale. They have been our family and our love for many years, so we will only consider placing them in the best of homes. Anyone who has been involved in the breed the past 10 years knows that we have taken great pride in our horses and have produced champions in both breeds. Please contact us if you are looking for outstanding well-known breeding stock. Our mares and stallion are registered and DNA verified with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. All foals produced are eligible for registry with any association in the US.

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Conformation shot of Taliesin our Gypsy Vanner stallion

The One and Only Taliesin

BSG Taliesin
2001 Imported Gypsy Stallion

Price: Private Treaty

Dam: Tilly
Gypsy mare (Germany)

Sire: The Bishop
Gypsy stallion (Germany)

Tali is a once in a lifetime stallion. He stamps each and every foal he produces with color, hair, conformation, tremendous athletic ability, and most importantly the "Tali disposition." He is one of the taller stallions in the US standing 15.2hh tall. He is also homozygous for tobiano and for black. Tali has sired champion Gypsy and Drum Horses. His offspring have competed in the show ring, have been used for jumping, driving, pleasure, and as children's horses. I can't say enough about this stallion. It kills me to sell my heart horse, but with limited breeding he has made a tremendous impact on both the Gypsy and the Drum Horse breeds here in the US. He needs to get out of the mountains of Montana and into the spotlight so he can and continue to do so. Click here to see Tali's Gypsy Foals and here to see Tali's Drum Horse foals.

Peggy as a young Gypsy Mare
Peggy When She Was Imported

Peggy 6-24-2014

2015 Foal Due in June

Price: $10,000

Dam: Peggy
2001 Imported Gypsy mare

Sire: Talisin
15.1hh Imported Gypsy stallion

Peggy was the first mare we imported and has been a proven producer of outstanding foals. This baby will be amazing! She passes on her perfect conformation and coloring to her foals. 14.2hh tall and just as wide, Peggy is the perfect traditional Gypsy. Her previous foals include: Tia, Carys, Talon, and Token.

Penny When She Was Imported

Penny 6-24-2014

BSG Penny
2002 Imported Gypsy Mare
Confirmed in Foal for a May Tali Baby!

Price: $10,000 Sold!
Congratulations Allison!

Dam: Foundation Gypsy Stock
Gypsy mare

Sire: Foundation Gypsy
Gypsy stallion

Penny is the smallest of our imported mares standing just 13.2hh tall. She had two beautiful fillies for us. She passes on her correct conformation and often her blue eyes to her foals. Her foals include: Shaylee and Rhona now known as Jade.

BSG Kadence
2008 Gypsy Mare

Price: $10,000 Sold!
Congratulations Jacqueline & Martina!

Dam: Aisling
15.1hh Gypsy mare

Sire: Taliesin
15.1hh Gypsy stallion

Watch her Video!

Kadence is a very nice young mare. She is very feminine and eye-catching. She has a wonderful neck and shoulder, a very short back, and lots of mane, tail and silky feather. She floats like a dream at the trot and has wonderful collection at the lope. She is super friendly and loves to be scratched and fussed over any time you are in the pasture. She now has 30 days training under saddle and looks like she will be a confident riding horse.

Click here to see a video of Lacey

Big Sky White Lace
2012 Drum Horse Mare

Price:$5000 Sold!
Congratulations Carmen!

Dam: Cloud's Sweet Sophie
17.2hh Reg. Clydesdale

Sire: Taliesin
15.1hh Gypsy stallion

This is the Drum Horse filly you have been waiting for!! Lacey has it all: size, color, conformation, and disposition. They don't come much better than this! If you are looking for a show/performance horse Lacey will get you noticed!

Cloud's Sweet Sophie
2005 Clydesdale Mare
Confirmed in Foal for a May Tali Drum Baby!

Price:$6000 Sold!
Congratulations John and Chrissy!

Dam: Wild Rose Cloud
Reg. Black Clydesdale Mare

Sire: Armageddon's Lord Caleb
Reg. Black Clydesdale Stallion

Cloud's Sweet Sophie is a 17.2hh registered black Clydesdale with impeccable parentage. Her sire is Armageddon's Lord Caleb. She is a 1/2 sister to the 2004 All-American Filly Foal and 1/2 sister to the 2004 and 2005 1st Honorable Mention All-American Stallion. Sophie was bred by Wolf Mound Farms and Moss Clydesdales.

Sophie is an amazing Drum Horse dam. She passes on her size, gorgeous front end, and elegance to her Drum Horse babies. Click here to view Sophie's foals: Renegade and White Lace.


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